These are Walter Elkington’s letters and diary entries. Walter was a son, a brother, an uncle and a husband.

He served the world as a private in the war to end all wars and finished as a leutenant.

He was Awarded the Military Cross. Here is the summary from the War Archives:

“On the morning of the attack on 8 August 1918, East of Villiers Bretonneux, near Amiens, in the Harfsee Line, part of the advance was held up for a time by heavy machine gun fire.  This officer personally captured posts which were holding up the advance, killing several of the occupants, and taking the rest prisoners. He then went on until held up by another post. After dealing with it he went on and led an attack on a new position. He was put out of action by a bomb which wounded him severely in the leg, side and head. Throughout the attack he set a magnificent example to his men by his utter disregard of personal danger, and by his coolness.”

He was a member of 5th A.I., 2nd Australian Division, 20th Battalion A.I.F.

It is the desire of my grand mother Eleanor Foster (nee Elkington) to provide these records. She describes the generation as such: “If something was good they wrote a letter, if it was bad they wrote a letter, it just who they were.”