Dear Mother,

At the present moment I am in charge of a fairly large fatigue job which has lasted for a couple of days so that I have a good chance to write you my usual letter.  I did not say very much about my blighty leave when I last wrote because I did not have much time and was hustling from one place to another.  I didn’t stop anywhere for more than a day.  When I arrived I went straight from Victoria railway station to Putney and at once made friends with Uncle George and got introduced to the remaining members of his family.  His wife I have a great dislike for, not that she means harm but she is so fussy that a fellow can’t get five minutes peace and quiet from her silly questions.  Being an architect he has a very up-to-date house in one of the best quarters.  It is fitted with air/heating apparatus, a billiard room, nicely elevated staircase one with which one can walk up without feeling any strain.  The inside of the house which is 3 storeys high with cellars not included and all painted white.  His furniture is beautiful and expensive and I was much struck with his lawns and gardens.  Uncle George acted as my city guide and with him I had a look at London and Waterloo Bridges, House of Parliament, Guide Hall and Council Chambers where Lord Kitchener and others deliver the big speeches on the occasion.  The mansion house, St Paul’s Cathedral where I listened to a service and the stone of London I saw in the afternoon.  Next day we inspected the Law Courts, Somerset House, the Temples including the Inner Temple and the Outer Temple and the other remains of King School, also a couple of Christopher Wren.  On another occasion I saw the zoo with the Aunts C & E Westminster Abbey which interested me most of all.