Dear Mother

I received your letter dated 4th instead and am dropping a line to you to say that I am coming out of this contact camp either Wednesday 9th or 10th and I don’t get a week off but of course might get only four days I am entitled to.  I would like to see you but by your account I am afraid that we would just miss each other, in any case I will be almost certain to get leave to see you if I go to Liverpool after coming back.  If there is anything I can do for you concerning the furniture for the house I will be able to do it for you.  On second thoughts I wont.  I don’t know whether I mentioned it that I met Miss Coughlin on the railway platform station last Saturday with Gert.  We are going up the mountains for the weekend.  I feel that I would like to give her a bit of pleasure whilst I can.

With love from Walter (no date but about October 1915 before leaving Bingara).